HIPAA Training


In order to meet HIPAA related training requirements (including those related to the health and safety compliance question sets) individuals can complete their HIPAA trainings through the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS) and CITI modules. Below is a list of the Office of Compliance courses that are offered, an explanation of who should take particular courses, and how to access the courses.

Course Description


HIPAA in a Hurry (Privacy) (210001) Those who work with human subjects or who need to access patient protected health information. 
HIPAA and Research (Research)(210002) Those who perform research using personal identifiable health information
HIPAA Security (Security) (210003) If you are required to take HIPAA in a Hurry (Privacy), or HIPAA and Research (Research), you must also take HIPAA Security (Security)


Health Privacy & Security Information For Clinical Research Coordinators and Principal Investigators

How to Take A Course

To take a course go to https://elmprod9.emory.edu. Once you have logged in, click “Browse Catalog”, scroll down to “the Office of Research Compliance”, select the course name and then click "enroll".

Contact us at compliance@emory.edu or 404-727-2398