International Assessment Questionnaire

Global Services and the Office of Compliance worked together to create the International Assessment Questionnaire (IAQ), which is hosted in REDCap.™

The IAQ has two main purposes:  

  • To assist the Office of Compliance in identifying activities that require additional assessment under export control and related regulations.
  • To enable Global Services to provide assistance with the various administrative and business considerations (e.g., HR, travel) that international projects can involve.  

Although export control regulations are quite complicated, the IAQ uses branching logic in an attempt to make it as straightforward as possible.  

It is available at  Only those researchers who answer “Yes” to either of the questions in the EPEX section entitled “International and Export Control Information” will need to follow the foregoing link to the IAQ.  Completion of the IAQ is not a prerequisite to EPEX proposal submission.  Accordingly, proposal submission will not be delayed by the IAQ.  IAQ completion, however, is required prior to the distribution of funding.

Any questions about completing the IAQ should be directed to Chris Rapalje at or the Office of Compliance at  Chris and the Office of Compliance will be happy to field any questions and guide you through the process.