Compliance & Ethics Awareness

Trust Line

March 9, 2015

Compliance and Ethics Awareness Messages, which will be delivered periodically to the Emory community, are intended to raise awareness of compliance and ethics-related issues, resources, and policies. This focus of this first message is on the Trust Line and the non-retaliation policy.

The Emory Trust Line

The Emory Trust Line is a proactive reporting process made available to employees, students or others to encourage and empower them to bring forth issues or concerns regarding potential ethical, legal, or code of conduct matters to the organization. Identifying and resolving issues allow Emory to maintain a productive, safe, and compliant environment for everyone. The Emory Trust Line is a toll-free, 24-hour, 7 day-a-week, resource that allows you to make reports in a confidential manner. It is administered through a 3rd party company that has a team of professional and experienced staff of Compliance Risk Specialists (CRS). The CRSs are trained on how to respond to your call and ask questions so that as much information about your concern as possible can be gathered and conveyed to the appropriate compliance office.

A report may be made by calling the Trust Line at 1-888-550-8850; callers may remain anonymous if they so choose.  Reports may also be made online by accessing Emory Trust Line at Within 24 hours, a written report based on the information the caller provides will be sent to Emory’s compliance offices. Compliance office staff oversees the investigative process or works with others to ensure issues reported are investigated. In most instances general results of the investigation will be provided to the Emory Trust Line reporters. When making a report by either of these methods, callers will be provided a unique identifying number to be used to receive follow-up information on their report.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Emory is committed to providing a safe environment in which its employees feel comfortable reporting concerns about ethical or compliance matters or potentially unethical behavior. The Emory Trust Line is a means by which this commitment is fulfilled. To further solidify this commitment, Emory University’s Non-Retaliation Policy (Emory Healthcare’s policy on non-retaliation can be accessed via the intranet) prohibits retaliation against employees who, in good faith, report perceived wrongdoing or who cooperate with an investigation.

Interested In Compliance and Ethics Presentations?

If you, or your department, are interested in live or online training on compliance and ethics topics, including ethical decision-making, please complete this survey to let us know the topics and format of the training you would prefer.